Saturday , February 22nd 2020

KiZOU Backpack Rain Cover – Upgraded Cross Directional Buckle Belts, with Reflective Stripe and Storage Bag, 190T Nylon Double Layer, Size L for 45-55L Backpack

Product Features:

    KiZOU Backpack Rain Cover - We've got your bag covered! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- · Hard to install; · Hard to keep it stay onto the backpack; · Easily be blown off in strong wind; · Water soak into the inside after used for a while; · Hard to storage and don't…
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Product Description

KiZOU Backpack Rain Cover – We’ve got your bag covered!

· Hard to install;
· Hard to keep it stay onto the backpack;
· Easily be blown off in strong wind;
· Water soak into the inside after used for a while;
· Hard to storage and don’t know where to place it;

These are some of the problems you’re gonna have when using traditional backpack rain cover. Well now, not anymore with KiZOU.
Meet the newest 2019 UPGRADED backpack rain cover!

What’s NEW about this one?
1. Cross directional buckle strap. Make it stay and no more blown away in wind ever! Straps length adjustable, easier to use and adding an extra protection for your backpack from theft!
2. High Reflective Strap. Keeps you save when walking or cycling at rainy or misty night! The reflective big conspicuous exclamation mark shaped sign will make sure that anyone driving from behind will be aware of your existence!
3. Anti-permeate Interior. No more leaking in! Upgrade 100% waterproof silver color interior coating for heavy duty use. Prevent water from soaking into the backpack after long time of use. Adding reliability and durability to the cover, and it looks better!
4. Packed with Drawstring Bag. Easy storage and good for carrying around! Could be attached to or storage in your backpack easily. It’s also extremely useful to storage the cover when it’s wet!
5. Services Upgrade. Missing accessories? Defected product? Size not compatible? Not satisfied with the quality? No matter what your problem is, we’ll see to it to be solved for you with 200% effort!

Choose KiZOU backpack cover, a must-have rain precaution item in your bag! 👍

1 – KiZOU Backpack Rain Cover
1 – Drawstring Storage Bag

Product Features

  • ☔ SUPER RAINPROOF! 190T Nylon material, 100% waterproof. Upgraded anti-permeate interior coating, worry free from water soaking. Choose KiZOU, we’ll prevent your backpack from being scratched, damped, dust and tainted!
  • 💪 BUCKLE UP! Cross directional buckle belts, double secure! This cover can’t be blown off even standing in gale! Makes it easier to use when the backpack is slippery or doesn’t have much space to pinch to. Strap length adjustable, helps the cover to better clung to the backpack. Also make it an extra protection from theft. Fits for all kinds of backpacks!
  • ⚠ KEEPS YOU SAVER! Highly reflective stripe, a conspicuous sign at night! Exclamation mark shape design, makes it even more eye catching. A big and obvious WARNING notification for vehicle drivers coming from behind. Keeps you save walking or cycling around at a rainy or misty night, when everybody has only blurred vision!
  • ✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL SCENARIOS! Package comes with drawstring storage bag, easy to carry around or storage. 3 sizes optional, fit for 15-70L backpacks, high compatibility. A must-have rain precaution item for outdoor activity, hiking, camping, traveling, cycling and all! Just keep one in your bag, you’re gonna need it someday!
  • ❤ WORRY FREE! 1-Year warranty from KiZOU. Free replacement for all missing accessories. No-question-asked money back guarantee for all unsatisfied transaction! We aimed to deliver 100% satisfaction and we mean it!